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Vessel Six - Ebonised

Steve Gore-Rowe

Vessel Six - Ebonised


Description – Self Settling Vessels
Green turned ash vessel from locally sourced Ash, ebonised finish with steam bent ash repair. Ebonised ash vessels explore imperfections in the wood and celebrate characteristics by emphasising these imperfections with hand crafted repairs.

Approx 30cm diameter x 11cm high

Ash, ebonising finish, flaxseed oil with beeswax

More about Steve Gore-Rowe
With a background in Graphic Design, Steve now concentrates his creativity on making decorative and functional interior pieces using new and used materials. Based in West Norfolk, he applies combinations of modern and traditional workshop skills to create original designs which explore contrasting materials and surface finishes. These pieces continue the exploration of natural drying influencing green wood designs. Sculpted bases create physically interactive pieces which adjust according to surface finishes. As each piece dries the density and shape of the form changes causing the centre of gravity to adjust and reposition until fully dry.