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Quadrille 2

Andrew Jones

Quadrille 2



KINETIC SCULPTURE. Height 2.4 mtrs.  Ground stake mounting. Paving mount option is available. Commissions for similar are welcome

Height 2.4 meters  

Delivery and installation
A separate quote will be made for this depending on location. The artist lives in Ely, Cambs and would charge 40p per mile depending on location of final installation.  


Four white elements on white alloy frame.

More about Andrew Jones
Andrew Jones studied at Newcastle in the early 1970’s and began a project on the wind that  led to a 30 year career in power kite design. After over 30 years of designing for kite power and control, Andrew has returned to explore the wind for its own sake. His sculptures have an order to them which, by means of careful balancing, can then be easily disturbed by even the slightest breeze. The rectilinear geometry contrasts with the uncertain curved nature of wind. He hopes this will heighten awareness of the unseen breath which animates them and also the plant life around them.