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Liz McGowan



This work is called "Penumbra" created using spider crab shell and tideline plastic and is by Liz McGowan, an environmental artist based in Norfolk. Liz has been visiting the same beach in Wales every year since 1959. She says she knows it 'like the back of my hand'. As a kid she remembers that there were only very small spider crabs, not very common, but gradually over the years, the big ones appeared in ever greater numbers. This was her first moment of realising that the seas were getting warmer, at that time ... just an interesting thing, no realisation of the huge changes that they represented. She also remembers that beach without plastic on the tideline – unimaginable now.

95 x 95cm


Spider Crab shell and tideline plastics

More about Liz McGowan
Liz works with natural and found materials, creating responses to particular environments through installation, sculpture, drawing and conversation.  Her focus is the meeting point between inner and outer landscapes, where personal creativity is given inspiration and form by those elements – stone, reed, tree, earth, tideline – that combine to form a landscape