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Verity Newman



Architecture Series

Framed: 49cm x 39cm (artwork: 35cm x 22cm)

Indian ink, acrylic, pencil and found materials on paper

More about Verity Newman
Verity is a multi-disciplinary artist based in Norwich, with a focus on painting, mixed media work on paper and sculpture. Her first degree was in Three-dimensional Design, where she specialised in Glass. Her MA explored the role of art in the public realm. Verity exhibits regularly in the region and beyond, as well as teaching Art, Design & Crafts part-time to older children and teenagers.

Verity's practice reflects three broad themes: the function/non-function of objects, fading memories of journeys through places and spaces, and the transience of our personal habitats/environments. The rituals and constructed narratives (or ‘imagined histories’) we create around all of these fascinate her, together with our need to attach and reinforce our (perhaps false) identities to specific objects and places. As she originally trained as a sculptor, Verity loves the physicality, context and provenance of materials. Employing materials to achieve balance, whilst conveying tension and energy – a dialogue between fragility and strength - is something she strives for. Verity leans towards historic and contemporary architectural forms, shapes, structures and silhouettes, often dismantling these to create evocative negative spaces.

Her current painting practice revisits a past body of work that explored the commodification of property, which subsequently informed the current series of deconstructed and reconstructed architectural compositions. Here, an investigation into the concept of ‘home', fractured families and communities is represented through re-imagining both exquisite and unremarkable domestic, religious and utilitarian buildings in the streets of her surrounding neighbourhood.