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Mirror decorated with seashells Candlesticks decorated with seashells by Carolyn Brookes Davies

Carolyn Brookes Davies

A Shell Mirror - Commission Today


Shell Mirror

76 x 66cm

Carolyn graduated from the Royal College of Art in1982. After a twenty-five year career in London as a fashion designer she moved to North Norfolk in 2003. Carolyn’s background in sculpture, her love of natural form and the close proximity of the beach led her to indulge a childhood interest in shell collecting. Shells with their accidental beauty, subtle colours, variety in shape and texture appealed to her. Their endless ornamental possibilities have inspired her recent shell work of elaborately decorative objects, which are as exquisitely beautiful, intricate and unique as the shells themselves.

Commission Carolyn Brookes Davies
Carolyn works on bespoke pieces so no one item is exactly the same. When commissioning a unique item in this way we will confirm the delivery time within 24 hours of payment.

The usual turnaround for a mirror of this type is 6 to 8 weeks depending on the number of pieces ordered at any given time.