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Wightman’s (2016)

Liz Taunt

Wightman’s (2016)


Illustration / print


Framed 58cm x51cm


Gelliprint on paper

More about Liz Taunt
Liz returned to printmaking in 2016 after working with textiles and papier-mâché for several years. Liz is fascinated by patterns. She sees her work as a visual counterpart to the kinds of pattern with which her father grappled in his work as a mathematician: however, her patterns are somewhat less precise than his! The prints are made using a variety of techniques to manipulate the conventional elements of abstraction: colour, tone, texture, line and form. She aims to create work that is mysterious, subtle and playful. Occasionally the results are not entirely abstract.

Liz was born and brought up in Cambridge and studied art in Cambridge, Devon and London. She has been exhibiting since 1983, and has works in public and private collections in the UK, Europe and Russia. Having worked as an arts administrator and an art therapist, among other things, she moved from London to Bungay on the Norfolk-Suffolk border.